Download Unreal Tournament 3 Patch 1.3

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Epic a publicat patch-ul 1.3 pentru Unreal Tournament 3 (257 Mb). Aveţi mai jos principalele modificări pe le aduce patch-ul:

- Vipers can no longer be driven around underwater if entered while underwater - they pop up out of the water, even if deep in it.
- Fixed giving proper stats credit for translocator telefrags.
- Fixed giving proper suicide stat credit for certain environmental suicides.
- Fixed friendly fire mutator showing up as option for Duel.
- Fixed "missing required file for demo playback" error message.
- End the match right away in duel if a player leaves.
- Deployables can no longer be deployed onto hover/flying vehicles.
- Fixed Hoverboard script warnings and possible crash if hoverboard fails to spawn. 

- Added motion blur menu option for PC (defaults to off). 

User Interface:
- Added player name list to server browser.
- Added midgame map voting, with serverside config options in UTGame.ini
- Fixed History being saved for servers joined via cmdline and console.
- Fixed leading vote count indicator when map voting underway.
- Added the number of files left to download to the package downloading message. 

- New dynamic netspeed adjustment system for listen servers. Improves network performance for listen servers which typically have limited upstream bandwidth by dividing available bandwidth between clients.
- HTTP redirect with compression now falls back to the uncompressed case if the compressed file could not be found.
- Fixed erroneous "connection failed" error when performing non-seamless travelling.
- Fixed network vulnerability. 

Mod support:
- Added support for Interactions to have a PostRender call (to render to canvas).
- Added support for Interactions to have exec functions be called on them.
- Added cut/copy/paste support to the console.
- Fix for custom factions in the UI.
- Added support for -mod commandline option so that a TC mod can have a .ini file "sandbox" - where they can have new content paths, new startup maps, etc.. 

Map specific:
- Fixed CTF-Searchlight black boxes before match starts.
- Fixed CTF-Searchlight search lights.
- Fixed CTF-Hydrosis collision issues.
- Fixed DM-Morbias collision issues.
- Fixed collision issue in DM-Deck.

AI improvements:
- Fixed bots not using link gun beam on enemies.
- Improved bot hoverboard AI.
- Fixed bots sometimes not picking up flags/orbs they dropped. 

Download Unreal Tournament 3 Patch 1.3



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